The Moller Family

We are the Moller Family; Scott, Ruthie, Harrison and Emily.

Ruthie and I have been married for over 26 years and are now semi-retired.

That’s when I went crazy, Ruthie says I’ve always been. In a moment of weakness (I pestered her to death) she agreed to opening the store.  We handle the gift shop side.


Our son Harrison, came to rescue his Mama but got too close to “the edge” of my crazy dream and fell in.  His passion is to bring unloved furniture back to life and he creates beautiful pieces that will soon be for sale in the store.  Plus, he helps Mama by keeping me on a short chain (in truth, his full-time position).


Our daughter Emily, well, she is the only sane one left among us.  She is serving in the military, seeing the world and checks in every week to make sure they have not lost me at the local Walmart. It has happened.  OK.  It’s a regular occurrence.


303 North Polk St
Jefferson, TX 75657




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